/r/metanarchismDisappearing post!?

from flaxrabbit[M] to  /r/metanarchism/  sent 6 hours ago

uhh, I put a post up about some changes to infiltration_bot in light of isreactionary_bot being shadowbanned, and my post is not there. I checked the spam filter, the mod queue, and it's no where. I approved the post and still now showy. Any ideas?

Here's the post link:

re: Disappearing post!?

from flaxrabbit[M] via  /r/metanarchism/  to flaxrabbit sent 4 hours ago

it looks like any post with the phrase "isreactionary_bot" in the content is being auto-removed by admins


from Kuosa to  /r/Anarchism/  sent 15 hours ago

I would love to know why I was banned from the sub, have not violated any rules, just pointing out the hypocrisy and general disagreement of opinion.


from veganbakedgoods to  /r/Anarchism/  sent 2 days ago

Hey thanks for making that thread stickied! We appreciate the help making this event more known.

re: Thanks

from Egotisticallama[M] via  /r/Anarchism/  to veganbakedgoods sent 2 days ago

Of course! Keep up the good work. We're behind you 100%.


from Egotisticallama[M] to  /r/Anarchism/  sent 2 days ago

Accidentally stickied a post without checking what I was replacing.


from concernedthrowawayan to  /r/metanarchism/  sent 2 days ago

I noticed this person saying some very pro-oppression things in the Daniel Tosh post. I'm not asking for a warn or a ban, but maybe keep an eye on them? They've represented anarchy in other subs, and I just think we should be watchful about the people who comment like that.

re: /u/anarcho-transhuman?

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Thanks for the heads up

/r/metanarchismdeleting posts

from Min_thamee to  /r/metanarchism/  sent 3 days ago

Could a mod respond to my post

I don't understand why all this persons posts were deleted? They used the term hugbox and then were told it was ableist and then they said sorry.

I don't see why this means you have to delete every single post by them including ones that have nothing offensicve in them at all.

You realise this looks incredibly bad for anarchists right. That you make a proposal to ban someone and then when they show up to defend themselves delete all their comments?

re: deleting posts

from pnoque[M] via  /r/metanarchism/  to Min_thamee sent 3 days ago

Looks like they were all removed by emma. Have a you tried messaging them directly?

re: deleting posts

from Min_thamee via  /r/metanarchism/  to pnoque sent 3 days ago

Well it's more transparent to message all the mods, but I can try that too.

re: deleting posts

from emma-_______[M] via  /r/metanarchism/  to Min_thamee sent 3 days ago

I didn't bother replying to your post because I figured it was the same type of concern trolling you always do, plus /u/needstrangersadvice's comments explained it well enough.

re: deleting posts

from Min_thamee via  /r/metanarchism/  to pnoque sent 3 days ago

Yup did they said they won't respond to "concern trolling". Of course it must be great to dismiss any criticism as "concern trolling", but it's to be expected of emma. She rarely answers for herself if ever.

re: deleting posts

from -Enkara-[M] via  /r/metanarchism/  to Min_thamee sent 3 days ago

If this even makes it onto the "shit that matters" list, it's pretty much at the bottom.


from KevanPrine to  /r/Anarchism/  sent 6 days ago

Can you please approve my post?


from fuckspeciesism to  /r/metanarchism/  sent 9 days ago

Hi all, just a heads up that I'm about to post something on /r/subredditcancer. I don't like the reactionary element there, but they do work toward exposing other insidious threats (like power mods who have a hundred different subs, censorship, and PR whitewashing). If anyone knows a sub that does similar things without the right-wing bent, let me know. Thanks!

re: /r/subredditcancer

from emma-_______[M] via  /r/metanarchism/  to fuckspeciesism sent 9 days ago

Don't bother with there. All it is is reactionary elements. They have white supremacists like /u/KrustyKoonKrackers as mods, and the only thing they really care about is stopping people from calling them out on their bigotry. There's places like /r/undelete which aren't quite as bad, but they're still pretty reactionary.

re: /r/subredditcancer

from fuckspeciesism via  /r/metanarchism/  to emma-_______ sent 9 days ago

Undelete huh? I considered the popcorn subs too, but I actually care about the topic I'm bringing up, and they don't. Thanks for the tip!

re: /r/subredditcancer

from fuckspeciesism via  /r/metanarchism/  to emma-_______ sent 7 days ago

Good news- two days into my post on /r/subredditcancer, and only one person said something negative about social justice. I'm kind of impressed actually! Seems like we can find common ground with these folks after all. I even mentioned being a left anarchist, and not one person had a problem with it. :D

re: /r/subredditcancer

from -Enkara-[M] via  /r/metanarchism/  to fuckspeciesism sent 7 days ago

Yer right I can't wait to call folks like CUNTPUNCHER-4000 my comrade.

re: /r/subredditcancer

from fuckspeciesism via  /r/metanarchism/  to -Enkara- sent 7 days ago

Do you have any siblings? Sometimes people say things just to get a rise out of you. Don't give them the satisfaction. :)

re: /r/subredditcancer

from -Enkara-[M] via  /r/metanarchism/  to fuckspeciesism sent 7 days ago

Those people are called assholes.

re: /r/subredditcancer

from fuckspeciesism via  /r/metanarchism/  to -Enkara- sent 6 days ago

And they come in all flavors. :D

/r/AnarchismWhy am I banned?

from quaxon to  /r/Anarchism/  sent 7 days ago

Why am i banned from here? I don't think i've ever even posted here...

re: Why am I banned?

from -Enkara-[M] via  /r/Anarchism/  to quaxon sent 7 days ago

You don't seem to be banned...

/r/AnarchismNew isreactionary_bot functionality

from numandina to  /r/Anarchism/  sent 7 days ago

Hi. I added something new. The bot auto monitors comments now (previously only new threads) on both r@ and met@ and auto replies to any user exceeding the threshold (currently 100 combined karma) with its info. This should reduce spamming bot calls since it removes the call comment and only posts when needed. Do you feel its best to remove the call functionality altogether? Also I suggest programming automod to message the mods whenever a comment is made by the bot and possibly even delete it so everything is done behind the scenes for 0 spamming. What do you think?

re: New isreactionary_bot functionality

from flaxrabbit[M] via  /r/Anarchism/  to numandina sent 7 days ago

Hey, you probably know but subredditcancer and coontown used your code to make the ideological opposite bot called iscuckbot. If I may be so bold can I suggest adding in a quasi obscured line of code to your next update that will make fun of the person that calls the bot if the bots name is equal to iscuckbot :P.

As for the new functionality I guess just try it out. If it needs to be adjusted we will let you know.

re: New isreactionary_bot functionality

from flaxrabbit[M] via  /r/Anarchism/  to flaxrabbit sent 7 days ago

maybe something like;

import base64
if botName == base64.b64decode('aXNjdWNrX2JvdA=='):
  reply = base64.b64decode('eW91IGFyZSBhIHBpZWNlIG9mIHNoaXQ=')  

re: New isreactionary_bot functionality

from numandina via  /r/Anarchism/  to flaxrabbit sent 7 days ago

Yeah their bot is pretty cool actually. Think of it as "isAntiReactionary_bot"

/r/Anarchismyou've been banned

from -Enkara-[M] via  /r/Anarchism/  to izagig sent 7 days ago

re: you've been banned

from izagig to  /r/Anarchism/  sent 7 days ago

Why? Because capn_blackbeard won't respond to my point about deer eating baby birds?

re: you've been banned

from izagig to  /r/Anarchism/  sent 7 days ago

People on r/anarchism have been agreeing with things I said. Allow me to respond to my detractors. Or you're just being fascist. Search your feelings. You know this to be true

re: you've been banned

from izagig to  /r/Anarchism/  sent 7 days ago

I just wanted to add, if I was a troll, I'd just make new accounts and spam shit. I have scripts, bots and proxies. I'm really good at this. This isn't a threat, because my desire isn't to troll, I want to destroy the most caustic oppression of them all, the oppression of the mind.

re: you've been banned

from -Enkara-[M] via  /r/Anarchism/  to izagig sent 7 days ago

A thread in meta was created for your ban.

re: you've been banned

from izagig via  /r/Anarchism/  to -Enkara- sent 7 days ago

Thank you for allowing me to defend myself, although I fear the tyranny of the majority will choose in favor of the hug box. I hope you understand my desire the smash the hug box. I fear no argument, no disagreement, only a lack of productive discourse

/r/Anarchismyou've been banned

from -Enkara-[M] via  /r/Anarchism/  to deparaiba sent 7 days ago

re: you've been banned

from deparaiba to  /r/Anarchism/  sent 7 days ago

Oh, sorry, I didn't know I can't be an anarchist and not a communist at the same time.

Me deep apologies for trying to debate and attempting to get to a more correct consensus of how society should be.

/r/AnarchismQuestion a/ the Rules

from NutellaTornado to  /r/Anarchism/  sent 8 days ago

It says in the side-panel, "If you join the discussion here, we assume that you are an anarchist, an ally, or want to learn more about anarchism."

What if one is not an anarchist, but still wants to learn more? Are they welcome?

re: Question a/ the Rules

from Egotisticallama[M] via  /r/Anarchism/  to NutellaTornado sent 8 days ago

or want to learn more about anarchism

re: Question a/ the Rules

from andyogm[M] via  /r/Anarchism/  to NutellaTornado sent 8 days ago

Yes you are welcome! You should also check out /r/anarchy101 :)

re: Question a/ the Rules

from NutellaTornado via  /r/Anarchism/  to Egotisticallama sent 7 days ago

Oops, I didn't quite notice it said "or", not "and". Haha. Thanks. Lol.

re: Question a/ the Rules

from NutellaTornado via  /r/Anarchism/  to andyogm sent 7 days ago

Already subscribed! ;)

re: Question a/ the Rules

from Egotisticallama[M] via  /r/Anarchism/  to NutellaTornado sent 7 days ago

Sorry if my response sounded a bit rude, was just having a shifty day and didn't really think twice. Hope to see you around! ;)

re: Question a/ the Rules

from NutellaTornado via  /r/Anarchism/  to Egotisticallama sent 7 days ago

What? :I Your response sounded quite polite actually. ^ __ ^