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You have been banned from participating in /r/DebateAnarchism. You can still view and subscribe to /r/DebateAnarchism, but you won't be able to post or comment.

If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team for /r/DebateAnarchism by replying to this message.

Reminder from the Reddit staff: If you use another account to circumvent this subreddit ban, that will be considered a violation of the Content Policy and can result in your account being suspended from the site as a whole.

re: You've been banned from participating in /r/DebateAnarchism

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Banned me and deleted my posts. That's dirty yo. Mad that I pointed out that users are sliding to the dark side? Violent suppression of opposing political ideologies is something I've come to expect from Fascists but I must say that I am quite surprised to see Anarchists so willing to utilize violence to further their political agenda. Keep up the good work.

re: You've been banned from participating in /r/DebateAnarchism

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Further proof that even after all the time you've spent debating anarchists, you still know nothing about anarchism.

re: You've been banned from participating in /r/DebateAnarchism

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Hi RexAnglorumSaxonum, your ban has been reversed. Please consider this a warning to abide by the rules in the sidebar from now on to avoid a permanent ban. You are welcome to continue to participate in civil debate here as long as you do. Thanks.

re: You've been banned from participating in /r/DebateAnarchism

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Understood. I will refrain from such shitposty responses and will make it a point to be civil. Thank you.


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Hey, so I see rex Anglo whatever got banned. While I don't object, I'm curious as to the specific reasoning. I didn't see them break any rules.

re: Rex

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Yeah, I was going to send a message on this too. I can see removing the posts and matybe warning about shitposting instead of debating, but I think banning was hasty on this case.

re: Rex

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I might have been a bit fast with the ban, but they're definitely not debating in good faith or treating people charitably. They at least need a warning.

re: Rex

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I mean, it's already done, and they don't seem to be bothered by it so I'm not sure it's worth unbanning them. I was mostly just curious if something happened that I didn't see. But if others feel they should be unbanned but warned I wouldn't object to that either

re: Rex

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I think unbanning and warning them to put forth their criticism of anarchism in the form of debate and not as taunting uncharitable shit posting would be the right course of action.

They've enyaged in constructive debate here in the past, otherwise I wouldn't be saying anything.

re: Rex

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Agree with unbanning and warning.

re: Rex

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I unbanned them. Did you want to warn them or should I?

re: Rex

from pnoque[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to emma-_______ sent 1 day ago

I'll do it.

/r/DebateAnarchismJuly 23rd AMA

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Hey I was wondering if the July 23rd AMA slot is still open. I'd like to do an AMA on Max Stirner's Work and Thought.


re: July 23rd AMA

from hamjam5[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to stirner_was_a_cat sent 2 days ago

Yes, that slot is still open. It goes against the standard procedure for adding AMAs, but if the other mods are cool with it, then I think it is a good idea and I'd be more than happy to add you to the schedule.

Other mods care to weigh in on this?

re: July 23rd AMA

from pnoque[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to hamjam5 sent 2 days ago

No objection.

re: July 23rd AMA

from justcallcollect[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to pnoque sent 2 days ago

Sounds good to me

re: July 23rd AMA

from stirner_was_a_cat via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to stirner_was_a_cat sent 1 day ago

Okay thanks a lot.

/r/DebateAnarchismGone for next four days

from pnoque[M] to  /r/DebateAnarchism/  sent 7 days ago

Hi all, I'm going to be offline for the next four days. I'm in the middle of dealing with this:

I won't be able to finish up here, so if I could get one of you all to check in with it now and then and make sure it's taken care of, it would be much appreciated. I have no problem with any of you reversing anything I've done if I'm wrong. Thanks!

re: Gone for next four days

from hamjam5[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to pnoque sent 6 days ago

I continued the conversation with ol boy on the thread.

re: Gone for next four days

from pnoque[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to hamjam5 sent 2 days ago



from DJboomshanka to  /r/DebateAnarchism/  sent 4 days ago

Any chance we can get a "squatter" flair?

re: Flair

from emma-_______[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to DJboomshanka sent 4 days ago

Added one.

re: Flair

from DJboomshanka via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to emma-_______ sent 4 days ago

Cool. Thanks a lot!

/r/DebateAnarchismI think my post is caught in the spam filter

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I posted my question and it isn't showing up.

re: I think my post is caught in the spam filter

from hamjam5[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to Pink_Adamantine sent 5 days ago

It got stuck in the filter. Thanks for letting us know, it is now approved and on the sub.

re: I think my post is caught in the spam filter

from Pink_Adamantine via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to hamjam5 sent 5 days ago

Thanks very much :)

/r/DebateAnarchismSuggested comment sort

from pnoque[M] to  /r/DebateAnarchism/  sent 14 days ago

I see that /u/hamjam5 set the suggested comment sort in one thread to new. I think that's actually a good idea for a debate subreddit. There's a setting that lets us do that for every thread in the sub by default. What does everyone think about doing that?

re: Suggested comment sort

from hamjam5[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to pnoque sent 14 days ago

just for background: I did that in that thread because the thread creator was frustrated by the behavior of the person with the top comment, and the way they started derailing the thread, and they asked if I could do anything to remove the comment so that the conversation wouldn't be derailed. I suggested changing the sort order so as not to over moderate.

As far as the more general question of sort order, I have a soft preference for the way it is, but if the other mods feel strongly otherwise, I wouldn't argue against it.

/r/DebateAnarchismSidebar issue.

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Sorry to bother y'all, but the Indigenous Rights AMA link on the sidebar links to my AMA instead. Just wanted to let you know.

re: Sidebar issue.

from hamjam5[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to joycedevivre75 sent 25 days ago

Oh thanks. That's on me. Ic anyone wants to fix that, please do. Otherwise I can fix it tomorrow

re: Sidebar issue.

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/r/DebateAnarchismSorry I'm getting here so late; here's my opener:

from joycedevivre75 to  /r/DebateAnarchism/  sent 1 month ago

Hello, I’m /u/joycedevivre75, y’all probably know me, if you do, from /r/shittankiessay or one of the bad-x subs. I’d like to talk about the relationship of the Modernist novelist James Joyce to the Anarchist movement. I’ve spoken to a few people about it before, but I thought it might be worthwhile to do an AMA on the subject, so, without further ado, I’d like to explain myself—here’s two short paragraphs on his life a la anarchistic trends:

As a youth, Joyce saw the turbulence generated by Irish politics of the time, i.e. Home Rule. His father, John Joyce, was a loyal supporter of Charles Parnell with deeply anticlerical beliefs, which were further exaggerated by the betrayal of Parnell by the clergy after it was discovered that he was having an affair with Kitty O’Shea. To the Joyces, both pere and fils, this incident would haunt their political and literary thought until their deaths. The Irish Parliamentary Party would henceforth lapse into ineffective attempts at securing Home Rule. We might conjecture that this event soured Joyce to the possibilities of electoral solutions to large-scale problems and made him wary of the clergy.

Joyce was an opponent of the bourgeois morality of his time. Much like Goldman, he gave free reign to his sexuality and ended up living with a one-time chambermaid, Nora Barnacle, without any marriage certificate until he was required to marry her for the sake of gaining entry to the UK. They remained unmarried for so long because Joyce did not want to deal with a government clerk or a priest and could give less of a fuck about the prescribed morality.

Ellmann, in a footnote on page 142 of the 1982 revised edition of his wonderful biography of Joyce (steal it if you can find it online), lists those anarchists Joyce had read: Most, Malatesta, Stirner, Kropotkin, Reclus, Spencer (ehh…), and Tucker. Of these, Tucker was his favorite and he thought the first sentence of Das Kapital so absurd that he returned it to the lender.

If you wish to situate Joyce as an anarchist, as I do, then it would be best to put him with the individualists. His ideal world, as he saw it, was one where he could be left to his writing without being dictated to by moralists, law-givers, or the wealthy. His characters (especially Stephen in Ulysses) often utter anarchist or anarchist-like beliefs of a sort in line with a Stirnerite by way of Armaud…

A while back, on /r/badphilosophy, I gave a list of sources to check out that further argue the relationship between Joyce and anarchism. Here is the link, for those of you with badphil access:

and here is the comment for those who don’t:

“Sorry for how late I'm getting to this!

  1. There's a chapter and/or section on him in David Weir's Anarchy and Culture

  2. He gets another chapter in Specters of Anarchy (god, what a Stirneresque title!) by Jeff Shantz

  3. There's this if you have access to this database; I'm not an academic, so I don't. • Here's another article, which you can see even if you aren't an academic.

  4. Joyce's relationship is briefly mentioned by Ellmann (who preferred the New Critical vision of the apolitical Joyce) in his wonderful biography on page 142 (in the revised version from the 80s) and in that page's footnote.

  5. I think it also gets a short mention in The Most Dangerous Book, but I have not read that one.

  6. Finally, James Joyce and the Politics of Egoism deals in depth with the connection, while also bringing in a lot of concepts from Derrida, if that sounds interesting.

There are probably other things that deal with this topic, but I'm as of yet unaware of them. In truth, I would suggest reading many of Stephan's comments in both POTA and Ulysses, as he says some rather anarchistic stuff--I mean, his motto is "Non Serviam"! Even if you're skeptical of an anarchist reading of Joyce, he's still a giant of literature and I have read Ulysses twice now, and gotten entirely new experiences out of both readings.

Sorry if you've already read him a great deal, as I don't mean to condescend.”

So that's my opener

re: Sorry I'm getting here so late; here's my opener:

from hamjam5[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to joycedevivre75 sent 1 month ago

So, mod team -- since there is no AMA scheduled this week, joycedevivre75 volunteered to do an AMA for the rest of the week about James Joyce and Anarchism.

I think it is a good idea to go ahead and place it on the schedule immediately, but wanted to give everyone else a chance to weigh in.


re: Sorry I'm getting here so late; here's my opener:

from justcallcollect[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to hamjam5 sent 1 month ago

I like it

re: Sorry I'm getting here so late; here's my opener:

from joycedevivre75 via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to justcallcollect sent 1 month ago

So am I good to go, then?

re: Sorry I'm getting here so late; here's my opener:

from justcallcollect[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to joycedevivre75 sent 1 month ago

Yeah I say go for it and we'll get it stickied

re: Sorry I'm getting here so late; here's my opener:

from hamjam5[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to justcallcollect sent 1 month ago

Yeah, I agree. If the other mods end up all not liking the idea they can unsticky it. But I don't think that will be the case.

re: Sorry I'm getting here so late; here's my opener:

from joycedevivre75 via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to justcallcollect sent 1 month ago

Okay, it's up.


from [deleted] to  /r/DebateAnarchism/  sent 1 month ago

I will temporarily be stepping back from DebateAnarchism due to real-life intruding on my ability to faithfully perform my duties as moderator. PSJJJJ_, formerly known as Rad_q-a-v_, is tapping in for the time-being to help manage the AMA series.

Thank you again PSJJJJ_ for your willingness to help. Instructions for what I typically do will follow.


from [deleted] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to [deleted] sent 1 month ago


  • If an AMA is scheduled to start tomorrow:
    • If it's a single-person AMA, just send them a PM reminding them that their AMA will be starting the following day and asking them to start preparing their blurb.
    • If it's a multi-person AMA, send PMs to each person reminding them not only that the AMA is coming up, but also of the usernames of each other user putting on the AMA, and ask them to coordinate on who will post the thread.
  • If an AMA is scheduled to start a week from tomorrow:
    • If it's a single-person AMA, just send them a PM reminding them that their AMA will be starting next week, not this one, and ask them to start thinking about what they would like to put in their opening blurb.
    • If it's a multi-person AMA, send PMs to each person reminding them not only that their AMA is next week, not this one, but also of the usernames of each other user putting on the AMA and ask them to coordinate on what they want to put in their opening blurb.


  • If there was an AMA last week:
    • Unsticky it
    • Add a link to it in the sidebar. Note: This task may need to be repeated for any previous week where this was not been attended to. Addendum: This has not been attended to at all this year. Addendum: Sorry.
  • If today's host remembered to post their thread, sticky it.
  • If today's host did not remember to post their thread, please ping them and ask if they are still interested in doing their AMA. Whether and how they respond will determine the right response on a case-by-case basis. I trust your judgement fully.


  • Please revisit the schedule thread and send PMs to people who still haven't committed to dates for their AMAs and see if they can be added to the schedule.
  • Please reach out to some of the individuals and groups who people have asked to come to DA this year for AMAs and ask if they would be interested in participating.


from PSJJJJ_[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to [deleted] sent 1 month ago

Got it. All will be taken care of! :)


from hamjam5[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to PSJJJJ_ sent 1 month ago

Hey folks, with Space stepping down and it seeming like PSJJJ_ did as well, is there already somebody planning on doing the above steps for the AMA series?

If not I don't mind doing it. I'm normally not near my computer much on Saturdays, but I don't mind making a special exception to make sure the AMA gets posted.

Thanks, and death to america.


from justcallcollect[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to hamjam5 sent 1 month ago

So, I normally use reddit on mobile, through one of those apps. I don't see any difference once I became a mod, like no options to alter the page or anything. If I log in on a computer and go to D@ will it be obvious how to go about editing stickies and whatnot?


from hamjam5[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to justcallcollect sent 1 month ago

It should. It is just additional options when you are looking at an opened thread just to the right of the "sorted by" selector.


from justcallcollect[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to hamjam5 sent 1 month ago

Gotcha. Cool. You should probably set up this next ama though, and I will work on familiarizing myself with this stuff so I can do the next one


from hamjam5[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to justcallcollect sent 1 month ago

Sounds good. Will do.


from [deleted] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to hamjam5 sent 1 month ago

Would one of you please make a backup, duplicate, or replacement for the scheduling thread? I am soon to delete it.


from hamjam5[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to [deleted] sent 1 month ago

Sure, doing so now.


from [deleted] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to hamjam5 sent 1 month ago

Thank you.


from [deleted] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to hamjam5 sent 1 month ago

To help out a tad with formatting, you can do a newline without forcing a new paragraph by placing two spaces at the end of a line. For example:


here is what normally happens
when you try to put a newline in a paragraph


here is what normally happens when you try to put a newline in a paragraph


here is what happens  
when you put two spaces at the end of the first line


here is what happens
when you put two spaces at the end of the first line

Hope that helps.


from PSJJJJ_ via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to hamjam5 sent 1 month ago

Sorry to just bail from moderating again. I did it as a favor and I don't feel that the favor is necessary to fulfill any longer. I have a few emails out looking for people to come in and host AMA's. As those responses start rolling in I'll let you know what happens. Most of my actions were out of spite, I do still care about this AMA process and want it to run smoothly, so if I really need to do it, I'm still available. I have volatile and intense emotions and sometimes they get the better of me and I take it a few steps too far.


from pnoque[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to PSJJJJ_ sent 1 month ago

Sorry folks, I'm not online Thursday through Saturday so I'm just seeing these messages. /u/hamjam5 thanks so much for your work on this. Should we discuss bringing aboard another mod to help out with AMAs?


from hamjam5[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to pnoque sent 1 month ago

I don't think it is necessary for just the AMAs, but another mod would bring us to 7, and I don't think any mod is as active as Space was, so, another mod who'll be active might be useful.

Anyone know of a user who would be apt and may fit that bill?

/r/DebateAnarchismPlease let me back on to this sub reddit

from EHW1 to  /r/DebateAnarchism/  sent 1 month ago

Please, I ask you all from the bottom of my heart, let me back in. I spammed once accidentally and you kicked me out! I only did it thrice and the fourth one was actual but you still kicked me. Please, please, I sware it was an accident.


from [deleted] to  /r/DebateAnarchism/  sent 1 month ago

I formally resign permanently as a DA mod. Thank you for your patience with me during the past year and a half. I have enjoyed working with all of you.

re: Resignation

from hamjam5[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to [deleted] sent 1 month ago

You did a great job Space, and it was appreciated. Best wishes moving forward.

/r/DebateAnarchismWiki and Sidebar updated

from PSJJJJ_[M] to  /r/DebateAnarchism/  sent 1 month ago

The Wiki is updated to include last years AMA's and the sidebar is updated to accommodate this years schedule. FYI.

re: Wiki and Sidebar updated

from emma-_______[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to PSJJJJ_ sent 1 month ago

Thanks. :)

re: Wiki and Sidebar updated

from [deleted] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to emma-_______ sent 1 month ago

SpanishDuke picked a date for what is probably going to be the worst AMA of the season, but they got seconded fair and square so I've updated the schedule.

re: Wiki and Sidebar updated

from PSJJJJ_[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to [deleted] sent 1 month ago

Gracias. This morning I've been preoccupied with that social media post in AF. I got intense with it.

/r/DebateAnarchismmoderator added

from PSJJJJ_[M] to  /r/DebateAnarchism/  sent 1 month ago

/u/PSJJJJ_ has accepted an invitation to become moderator of /r/DebateAnarchism.

re: moderator added

from [deleted] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to PSJJJJ_ sent 1 month ago

Thank you very much.

/r/DebateAnarchismmoderator invited

from reddit[A] to  /r/DebateAnarchism/  sent 1 month ago

/u/PSJJJJ_ has been invited by /u/SpaceHeeder to moderate /r/DebateAnarchism.

/r/DebateAnarchismTranslation AMA

from humanispherian to  /r/DebateAnarchism/  sent 1 month ago

The AMA is posted and should be stickied. Thanks.

re: Translation AMA

from hamjam5[M] via  /r/DebateAnarchism/  to humanispherian sent 1 month ago

Thanks. I've stickied the new and unstickied the old.

/r/DebateAnarchismmoderator added

from justcallcollect[M] to  /r/DebateAnarchism/  sent 1 month ago

/u/justcallcollect has accepted an invitation to become moderator of /r/DebateAnarchism.

/r/DebateAnarchismmoderator added

from limitexperience[M] to  /r/DebateAnarchism/  sent 1 month ago

/u/limitexperience has accepted an invitation to become moderator of /r/DebateAnarchism.

/r/DebateAnarchismMessage to New Moderators

from [deleted] to  /r/DebateAnarchism/  sent 7 months ago

NOTE: This was drafted without assistance from pnoque or Frankie_Fiver, who are both more senior than I am. If either of them add any comments to this message clarifying or overruling anything within, you should default to taking their word for it.


Curating posts will likely be the plurality time-consuming role you will have to acclimate to. How we deal with posts is an ever-evolving process. These guidelines can and should be updated over time through discussion within the moderator team. As of the time of this writing, here is how we try to approach the question of when and when not to remove a post:

  • If a post's primary offense is at the expense of moderators or moderation policy, do not remove it (example: Fuck Spaceheeder!)
  • If a post personally attacks or insults a non-moderator, please remove it (example: Fuck Spaceheater!)
  • If a post uses attacks or insults about an ideology or group as a substitute for discussion or debate about that ideology or group, please remove it (example: Well, we don't need to know what Spaceheater thinks about X. Spaceheater is left-handed. When has someone left-handed ever had anything to say worth listening to?)
  • If a post otherwise distracts from serious discussion or debate, please investigate further: If the post is banter (people who don't substantively disagree with one another or who are clearly posting off-topic), please do not remove it (example: Hey Spaceheeder, [UNDERTALE REFERENCE]); If the post attracts a flamewar after the fact, please remove it (These can take many forms but are usually not difficult to pick out).
  • If a post is very uncharitable towards the ideas another user, please remove it (example: Nice rationalization for censorship you've got here, Spaceheater!)

Every single time that you remove a post, leave a distinguished reply indicating that you removed the post, and giving the user a reason why the post was removed. Things you can tell them if they push back:

  • 'Breaking the rules in response to someone who you think broke the rules is still breaking the rules. In the future, please just use the report tool.'
  • 'Do not engage with people who you do not think you can have productive discussions with.'
  • 'Complaints about moderators and moderation policy are allowed. In your discussions with other users, please be observant of the rules on the sidebar.'
  • 'If you feel very strongly that your post did not actually violate the rules on the sidebar, you should appeal the post's removal in the modmail. If you do, please provide the other moderators with as much context as possible.'

If a shadowbanned user makes a post that you see nothing wrong with, please approve the post and leave a distinguished comment notifying the user that they are shadowbanned on Reddit, and where to go for more information (i.e. in the past we have sent them to /r/shadowban or directed them to contact the admins. Feel free to exercise your judgment on a case-by-case basis in giving people the right information).


Removal of topics has so far been incredibly rare. Usually if we think that a thread has little value for discussion or debate, one of us will leave a distinguished comment informing the user of their thread's shortcomings. If something that is clearly trollish or spammy makes it past Automoderator, feel free to exercise your judgment in removing it, but notify the other moderators via the modmail so that the decision can be reviewed.

When the modmail receives a notification from Automoderator that a thread was automatically removed, feel free to exercise your own judgment in determining whether or not the topic should be approved for the rest of the subreddit. If you approve the topic, please respond to Automoderator in the modmail so the other mods can see that the topic was already approved by somebody else. If you do not feel comfortable approving the topic, leave a distinguished comment informing the user of what to change in their post or title when they resubmit in order to be approved, and reply to Automoderator in the modmail so the other mods can see that someone has already reached out to the user.


If a user repeatedly violates the rules and needs multiple posts removed in multiple conversation chains across multiple threads, you may exercise your own judgment in leaving a distinguished comment warning the user that further infractions may result in a temporary ban.

If you believe that a user's actions warrant a temporary ban, please create a thread in the modmail so that the matter can be discussed. Despite the fact that it slows things down, we prefer to be incredibly deliberate about enacting bans. Prior to adding all of you, we have required a majority of moderator support before acting on a temporary ban, and have built in an amount of time that must pass without any objections. A single objector can in theory, under the current rules, bring a pause to a consideration of a ban and trigger further discussion. If the moderators wind up at an impasse on the matter, a majority decision should theoretically be fine for a final call.

A list of temporary bans, and the reasons for them, are maintained in the Wiki. The reasons disclosed in the Wiki should comport with the reasons given to the user at the time that they were warned or banned. The customary length for a temporary ban is seven days.

If a user returns to the subreddit from a temporary ban and, afterwards, then resumes violating the subreddit rules, a distinguished comment warning of the potential for a permanent ban may be issued at your discretion. The rules for proposing and enacting a permanent ban in the modmail are the same as for a temporary ban. A list of permanent bans, and the reasons for them, are maintained in the Wiki. The reasons disclosed in the Wiki should comport with the reasons given to the user at the time that they were warned or banned.

The Sidebar

The sidebar has a limited number of characters, so major additions to the sidebar should probably be reviewed by other moderators. If you ever see a need to remove something from the sidebar, please notify the other moderators of your intentions and consider the possibility of migrating the information to the Wiki instead of completely deleting it. Where necessary, call out information migrated to the Wiki on the sidebar so that the Wiki does not turn into a black hole where information goes in but, for all intents and purposes, never comes out.

The Wiki

In addition to updating the Wiki when adding information about bannings or migrating information from the Sidebar, the Wiki may additionally be updated at your discretion to add any information that is relevant to the transparency or functionality of the subreddit. Please notify the other moderators in the modmail or leave a revision note with your changes when you save.

The Pecking Order

There isn't one. All of our decisions can and should be subject to review by everyone else. This means that your input is just as important as anyone else's, no matter whether or not they were here before you*. However, please try to remain civil and humble in the event of any disagreement. We are all here because we want to make sure that DebateAnarchism is as vibrant and productive a place for discussion as we can.

* I frequently disregard this at my own expense due to a penchant for self-deprecation. Just let it slide.

The Mod Philosophy

The governing ideas behind our approach to curation can be summarized by the rules on the sidebar. While we are not afraid to be selective about what ideas we will throw our individual support behind, we should try our best to be impartial in how we engage with the users of this subreddit. We are not trying to create a subreddit that reflects our own ideas, we are trying to cultivate interesting discussions and productive debates.

Sometimes what that distinction means will fly in the face of your personal sensibilities; sometimes it will make our subreddit seem like it isn't a safe space, or one that is necessarily free from oppressive ideas. Please try to keep in mind that we are not just tending a garden for anarchists, but for those who would seek to challenge them and, hopefully, learn from them. Sometimes the only way for that to happen is to let the spirit of debate overrule our strongest intellectual, moral, or personal intuitions.

With that being said, don't go overboard in tolerating the intolerable. And if you're not sure what to do, never hesitate to ask for backup.

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On topics caught by the automod

Even if they are fairly low quality, I have been generally approving them, or approving them after sufficient revision to provide some debate value. I think we have been of the opinion that people shouldn't be denied an audience, even if they don't have strong language or conceptual skills. Also we have been encouraging people who have submitted a link, alone, as a topic post to provide some framing text to direct discussion.

A small addition to The Mod Philosophy

While the majority of what goes on here will be discussion between anarchists, we have also understood this place as also serving an outreach function. For this reason I see it as appropriate to set the bar for tolerance of objectionable opinions higher than other anarchist subs. We would prefer that people stay and have the ability to substantially engage with anarchist ideas.

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Thanks for this overview! It was very helpful!

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No problem. Please don't hesitate to hit us up with any questions as you go along.

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Awesome possum. Thanks for the write up.

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Welcome everyone :)

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Bumping this write-up so limit and jcc can read it.

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The new hotness in post removal and bannings, and this was /u/emma-_______'s idea, is that we don't need to leave distinguished comments or get approval from other mods when we're removing posts that are spam and self promotion or banning bots and spammers. It just wasn't an issue we ran into back when the subreddit had lower levels of activity. Please do still notify other mods in the modmail and update the wiki when you have to ban a user, even if they were a spammer or a bot.